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Vessel owners who want to show how they are following best practices that support sustainable tuna fisheries can apply to have their vessels listed in ISSF’s ProActive Vessel Register (PVR).

There is no cost to register on the PVR, although some vessels may have costs associated with audits.

Some vessels may want to apply to be listed on both the PVR and the VOSI (Vessels in Other Sustainability Initiatives) public lists. The PVR application process is separate from the VOSI application process. 

Join the PVR

Complete the ProActive Vessel Register online application form to have your vessel(s) considered for listing in ISSF’s PVR. Multiple applications for several vessels can be submitted using a single form as long as the vessel owner/company name is the same.

PVR Vessel Owners: Read this important May 2023 notice about changes in ISSF conservation measures and compliance requirements that affect you.

Information for Vessel Owners

Vessel owners who want to list vessels on the ProActive Vessel Register must:

Delisted & Relisted Vessels

ISSF maintains a list of vessels that have been delisted from or relisted on the PVR.

Owners whose vessels are registered on the PVR are responsible for notifying ISSF of vessel changes .

PVR Application Process

apply online Anit-Shark Finning Policy CM 3.1a Non-Entangling FADs Policy CM 3.5 FAD Management Policy CM 3.7 Best Practices for Sharks and Marine Turtles Policy CM 3.6 ISSF Record of Large Scale Purse Seine Vessels ISSF Conservation Measures on capacity reduction