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ISSF convenes a diverse group of stakeholders — NGOs, vessel owners, retailers, tuna processors and more — to make sustainability recommendations to tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs).

Here are recent advocacy letters that have resulted from that collaborative work.

Latest Joint Advocacy Letters

NGO Tuna Forum Global Tuna Sustainability Appeal (September 2018)

September 30, 2018

Joint Letter to WCPFC (Nov. 27, 2017): Harvest Strategies, Non-entangling FADs, and Observer Coverage

November 30, 2017

Joint Letter to WCPFC (March 29, 2017): Transparency and Observer Participation

March 29, 2017

Joint Letter to IATTC, ICCAT, IOTC, and WCPFC (March 21, 2017): Harvest Strategies and Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

March 22, 2017